South Dakota Duck Hunting

South Dakota Duck Hunting – Experience the Thrill

Rock Creek Hunting brings you South Dakota duck hunting like never experienced before. As an avid waterfowl hunter, you’ll have the thrill of harvesting the myriad of ducks and other waterfowl that are so abundant in this area. In the early season, hunters will scout a variety of species including the blue and green wing teal, gadwalls, shovelers, ringnecks, scaup, pin tails, redheads and mallards. Late season species include mallards, green winged teal and redheads. Late season hunters will also experience harvesting other waterfowl like Canadian geese.Regardless of the time of season, Rock Creek Ranch will make your hunting an experience you’ll never forget.

Prime South Dakota Duck Hunting

Rock Creek Ranch is conveniently located in some of the country’s finest hunting territory. Located in South Central South Dakota, our hunters will experience the thrill of hunting either South Dakota’s prime duck hunting and waterfowl habitats or Nebraska’s vast hunting grounds. In addition to ducks, this vast hunter’s paradise is home to grousepheasants and big game like deer and elk. While most duck hunting and waterfowl hunting takes place in Nebraska on the Merritt reservoir, late season hunts occur on the Niobrara River. That is a result of the late season freeze that occurs on the lakes and ponds in this area. Regardless of your destination, you’re sure to have an exhilarating duck hunting experience.

South Dakota Duck Hunting – It’s a Draw

Because of the rich hunting territory in this area, South Dakota duck hunting and waterfowl hunting is on a draw system. If you want the thrill of hunting a variety of species, including turkeygrouse pheasants and deer, then contact Rock Creek Hunting early to book your trip. You won’t be disappointed.